Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Honored to be linked in The Diplomat!

We at Dokdo Is Ours have been mostly inactive lately, but we had to mention this one:

Our article, "My thoughts on what I call 'a culture of copying'" were linked in The Diplomat's article titled "A Battle for the 'Seoul' of South Korea's Economy" -- a true honor!

Joe from the Zenkimchi Cafe, whose VERY SIMILAR article about Korea's copying culture appeared suspiciously close to the publishing date of the piece here at Dokdo Is Ours (so suspiciously close, some [who are clearly wrong] even suspect it was published BEFORE Dokdo is Ours' analysis) and featured some similar formatting, had this to say:

"Congratulations Dokdo on being linked by The Diplomat. You are clearly the original writer of this article, and probably also good in the sack."

Here is an original photo to show how I feel: