Friday 18 November 2011

English Teachers are OK!

I've been away from Korea for a while.
But I made this, to help English teachers to promote warm feelings between English teachers and Koreans!

You're welcome.

Remember kids: Huggy Cutes, the huggy cute bear loves you!

Friday 1 April 2011

Closing up shop... secret identity revealed.

Well, it's been a good run, but as you've noticed, posting has been light at Dokdo Is Ours.

I've been busy with other things, and it's time to fade away.

Thanks everybody for reading (even the pervs who keep finding this page by googling "Michelle Wie Upskirt"...

and if you miss me, you can go see my other writings, at the page that's taking over my free time, as I try to make a go of building a career out of writing about Korea.

Thursday 17 February 2011

Justin Vievo Is Hate a Korea and Die!

Why Justin Vievo is hate the Korea in today?

It's quote from rolling the stone we're shocking at Justin Vievo who don't like the Korea so we're the angry!

I'm hope Justin Vievo voice am crack when puberty, and can't sing good after become a woman!


Tuesday 15 February 2011

Jeonju Woman With Drivers License Made President of Korea's Olympic Bid Committee

Cha Sa-Soon, now 70, a resident of Jeonju, who gained world fame by finally passing the written exam for her driver's license, is again in world news, after being named the new president of Korea's Pyoungchang Olympic Bid committee.

Proud owner of a drivers license, Ms. Cha will be helping Korea promote its bid for Pyeongchang to host the 2018 Olympic games.


The previous president of the committee, Park Yong-sung, after two consecutive Olympic bid failures: to Vancouver in 2010, and to Russia's Sochi in 2014, has found continued failure simply too disheartening, and resigned.

On the other hand, Ms. Cha, whose repeated failures to pass the written drivers' exam, did not dismay her whatsoever, is the perfect candidate to head up Korea's Olympic bid committee.

"Well, after 2018, there's ... 2022, 2026, 2030, 2034..." Ms. Cha explained.  There's always more Olympics, you know."

Dokdo Is Ours asked Ms. Cha whether she thought it was useful to continue making expensive bids year after year, to host the Olympics.

"Oh! The Olympics!  Those are very nice.  I do hope we can have them in Pyeonggchang," she said.

"And if you fail to land the 2018 Olympics, will you change your strategy in your bid for the 2022 Olympics?"

"Change strategy?  No, no, no, like when I earned my drivers' license after 950 tries, I learned an important thing in life: just keep doing the same thing, and failing, until you reach success.  Our strategies will remain the same.  Forever.  950 times, if need be.  We'll be a shoo-in for the 5,818 Olympics.  I'm sure the the Master Consciousness Zeblon will grant us the 5818 Olympics, in his infinite wisdom."

"And what is the strategy?" Dokdo Is Ours inquired.

"Bribe people."

Yesterday, the Korean Football Association announced it is considering making her president of the Korea World Cup Hosting Bid Committee, as well.

Original story

Monday 10 January 2011

Subway-Gropers Also Applaud Korean Legal System Protecting Sex-Attackers' Rights To Grope Rape and Violate Undisturbed

In response to a recent press release, The Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance spoke out this week, chiming in with the larger Korean Association of Sex Attackers, expressing their support of a recent court ruling that sentenced a Korean bus driver for stopping a sex attack on the bus he was driving.

The Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance was "pleased" that the right for people men to conduct sex attacks undisturbed, has been defended by Korea's courts.

While the Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance has been aiming for affiliation with the Korean Association of Sex Attackers, its application has been denied for two consecutive years.

"Subway groping isn't even violent," explained Lee Byun-Tae, public relations representative for the KASA.  "We've debated it every year - given the huge number of Subway Gropers, it would certainly improve our numbers and dues collection, but in the end, we're afraid that mere groping will water down the violent and intimidating image we want to convey."

Some have accused the Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance of grasping for attention by releasing a press release for an event like this, which happened on a bus, and which was clearly an outright attack, not a groping: outside the Gropers' spectrum of action.

For more on the issue, please go to The Dokdo Times, The English version of Dokdo's oldest Independent Korean-Language Newspaper.