Thursday 28 October 2010

Our International Festival is Welcome Korean Speaker from All Country!

This short note only, ok?  OKbuddy!

Our international pood pestival in the Busan is come.  Do you know the Busan?  It's a Korea.  City in south.  Also hub of south cities in Korea and mecca of Haeundae Bitch.

We're have international food pestibal Nobember 11-13 and tell you about, here's the website.  Please come to the our pestibal.

Maybe you notice: English button is not click for English page to international pood pestibal.  But that's because our pestibal is Korea language pestibal.  Maybe you heard Hallyu.  Do you know the hallyu?  Thanks to the Hallyu now eberybody is speak the Korea talk, so international pestibal is Korea talk only now.  We're welcome Korean speaker from every country to the our pestibal.  For example, Chinese Koreans, Japanese Koreans, North Korean refugees, Korean Americans (only if speak the Korea speak though), European Koreans, Korean adoptees, Half-Koreans, and especially Hines Ward.

Also, we're welcome food demonstration from international ethnic of Koreans live away from Korea, and some food demonstration from Koreans who have travel to the overseas:

for example:

China: Jajangmyeon. That's all. Other thing is too greasy.  Kimchi with maggot
Egypt: Turkish kebap, pork stirfry with long grain rice
England: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog
USA: Pizza with special american topping like Yams (it's how called goguma in the America!)
Canada: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog
Japan: Donkaseu and kimbap and udon, kimuchi with bad funny not kimchi STOP STEAL OUR CULTURE flavor
Italy: spaghetti with sweet pickle and kimchi
Germany: Turkish kebap and barbeque ribs
Australia: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog
France: sweet garlic bread, microwave hot dog with dry ketchup on, cream fill bread (Paris Baguette is run the Prance table: it's real Paris eat!) and kimchi
New York: Jew food like bagle.  And kimchi
Aprica: haha! Just kidding.  Everybody know Aprica is hungry country and no food.  But if we find brack people, we bring them to the Aprica table.  Maybe give they some food.
Aprica: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog.
North Korea: UN Food Aid Rations.  Kimchi.

Korea speaker from every country can enjoy globalized hub of world mecca food in the Busan.
See you there!  (If you are can read the map for find it.  That's Korean too)

Wednesday 27 October 2010

I am Want Explain the Visa is Prostitute but English teacher HIV still.


It is a time explain some thing that foreigner misunderstanding about the Korea.

You see, these day, E2 visa teacher is HIV test now, but E6 and E9 migrant worker visa is not.  

But after I'm logic, you understand my reason, and you will agree the HIV test.

For example.  But before see my reason, I'm give you example the beautiful Han virtuous culture we are try protect, so that you're see why so important for make these rule.


Now to begin, every mother know that foreigner English teacher training include the blood throw lesson.

What is the blood throw lesson?  Of course you know it's well known with Korean mother that every foreign English teacher have secret "Blood day" when they are take their blood - some clean and some dirty blood - and as joke they are throw it onto student!

Don't pretend you arent' knew that.  It's a true!  It happen in my sister's neighbor school three times because they aren't deport the bad teachers fastly enough.

Second reason: is

E6 enterntainer is many south asian and russian people visa.  But my explain is this: you know russian people is dirty country and so forth.  Also south asia or aprica people is darker the skin.

Because darker the skin and russian face, good, pure Korea people virtuous woman is never sex to them: they are know it's bad, because teach ethics in Korean school, with special unit about the negroe and south-asia pykmy.  Maybe dirty girl is sex to them, but not virtuous han girl with scary aprica or smelly india or noisy china people!  Therefore, we aren't care to HIV into dirty girls.  And if HIV is dirty men who are have prostitute, they can die and Korea is cleaner, mans who cheat the wife will die and woman is free the asshole, so want also.

But blue eye voodoo is English teacher foreigners English spell.  Even a virtuous han girl in good family is sometimes seduce!  It's the UNACCEPTABLE!

Therefore English teacher is still HIV in visa.  That way, you can sex the virtuous han good family but not caught by give AIDS, so she pretend still virgin.

She happy. You happy. She parents happy.  (Just don't try marry the her)  EVERYBODY happy.

Please understand our situation.

Thank you for my chance explain a logically to you.  Now I'm sure understand!

Have a nice day.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Announcement: Korea To Avoid Responsibility for Korea/South Asian Mix Children until One Wins Superbowl

As the number of half-Korean children, born to Korean and South-Asian parents, increases, a recent report shows that many do not receive adequate care when their mothers return to south-asia after divorces with their Korean fathers.

However, both as a nation, and individually, Korea, and Korean fathers, have declared they will shirk responsibility for these children as much as possible, until one of them wins a superbowl, and brings glory to Korea.

"We saw how the Hines Ward story was so heartwarming: the reconciliation theme as the Superbowl MVP's home country finally opened its arms to welcome him home. Really, we're hoping for something similar to happen in South Asia."

After being born in Korea, Hines Ward, the son of a Korean mother and an African-American soldier, was taken to America by his mother, in hopes of a better life. The stigma against mixed babies, and particularly against mixed babies that were half Korean and half...the darker races, proved too much for Ward's mother to raise him in Korea.   Ultimately, Hines Ward became an NFL Football player, and won the Superbowl MVP with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Korean minister of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Funny Hats, Jung Han-won, explained the situation.  "You know, if we start trying to find ways to provide for all those babies, or hold Korean fathers legally responsible for their mixed kids, they will be hobbled financially, and unable to produce and raise real Korean babies.  That would just be a shame.  Unacceptable, really.  So Korea will try to avoid taking any responsibility for these babies, for the sake of the birthrate."

Asked how failing to support mothers of Korean children would help make women feel empowered to have more babies, Min. Jung suddenly remembered another appointment, and excused himself from the interview.

A travel agent specializing in trips to the Philippines, Kim Hye-soon, dislikes this decision, and wishes that Korean support for the mothers of half-Korean babies extended not just to the divorced mothers returning to South-Asia, but also to the mothers of illegitimate half-Korean "Kofino" babies fathered by Korean men on sex vacations to the Philippines.  "It's getting harder to find brothels, hostels, and human traffickers who will work with me, when they know Korean men refuse to use condoms on their sex vacations, and once impregnating a woman, run back to Korea, where there is no legal recourse to extract child support payments for their children," she explains.  "Often it's because they're married, but if they're married, isn't that all the more reason to use a goddamn condom, and not bring home a nasty surprise for the wife?"

Kwak Seon-yu, the male tour guide who led many of these Philippine expeditions, disagrees.  "These men are full of confucian virtue: it is the height of discretion to leave the country completely if one wants to cheat on one's wife, and an admirable sign of confucian modesty and restraint that he does not want to boast of his virility, by taking responsibility for the babies he has fathered.  These are true sons of Tangun!"

Gia Agbayani, mother of a healthy Kofino boy, has taken her destiny into her own hands.  "After reading the Hines Ward story, I've gathered a soccer team's worth of these half-Korean boys, and I'm training them to play," she explains.  "If they can start winning when they get older, and especially if they can perform in the World Cup, or get contracts in the EPL or another top European league, maybe we can see a heart-warming story like Hines Ward's here in the Philippines, and those Korean baby-daddys will finally be unable to hide their dalliances."

Dokdo Is Ours, reporting.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Korea Under 17 Soccer to Start K-Pop Band

After winning the Women's Under-17 World Cup of Soccer last month, Korea's Under-17 Women's Soccer Team has revealed larger ambitions.

"Well," explains team star Yeo Min-ji, the tournament's leading scorer, "Coming from a country where women are often considered second-class citizens, it always burned us the way Korean Men's soccer got all the attention during the world cup, but not a single member of the women's team got a cosmetics endorsement, or even an awkward beer commercial."

"So we've decided to do what all Korean teenage girls want to do, if they want to become more famous: we're going to become pop stars."

SM Entertainment confirmed the report, saying that the entire twenty-three woman roster had signed identical twelve-year slave contracts, and that training in dance moves and sexy contortions would begin in November.

"Usually we have to train those lazy girls, whose only self-discipline comes from dancing into their webcams," explained Jung, SM Entertainment's main talent scout.  "These girls come to us already in the peak of physical condition, which gives us high hopes, as long as we can get them to move in unison."

Stylist Kang Young-ju, SM Entertainment's fashion consultant, has done initial beauty consultations with each of the girls, "They came in pretty confident, having just won the under-seventeen world cup; I had to spend a lot of time shaming them for their big faces, lacks of v-lines and s-lines and x-lines, for their over-muscular legs and energetic demeanors, before they really realized how far they had to come before they could accomplish anything in the world: what man would find a vivacious, strong and fit woman attractive?  But don't worry.  By the time I'm done, they'll know how to demur, lower their eyes, play aegyo, and act like passive kittens."

PR Coach Han Sohn-gyu also encouraged the victorious players to be more careful about how they spoke to the press.

"Stop talking about all this soccer stuff: the last thing a man wants to hear about is a woman telling him she's really good at kicking balls," he explained, shuddering, "from now on, I want them to use adjectives like 'silly' and 'dumb old me' to talk about themselves, not 'ass-kicking,' 'conquering,' or 'world-class'."

Everyone at SM entertainment is excited about the prospect of a 23-member K-pop band.  "There's just so, so, so many!  If one of them isn't a good dancer, we can just put her in the back row, but 23 young girls doing dance moves in skirts: we'll have our audiences hypnotized, even if they don't have any talent!  And from what I've seen in their first dance trials, they might not."

"We'll have them ready to be pop-stars in no time.  Then, their mothers will truly be proud."

And if they fail at K-pop stardom?

"Well, there are always two other ways to success in Korea: passing the bar exam, or marrying a doctor," explained Yeo Min-Ji's mother, who refused to comment on her daughter's habit of playing sports.