Monday 30 August 2010

Meet the Korea Times' Copy Editor: "It's Hard Typing in Perfect English with One Hand"

From the Korea Times Handbook of Style and Journalism Ethics

Dokdo Is Ours recently had the opportunity to talk to the copy editor of The Korea Times.  The interview transcript follows:

DIO: So, your job is copy editing for the Korea Times: that means you check for English errors in the article?

Korea Times Copy Editor: Boobs. Blondes. Boobs. Blondes.

DIO: Lately, it seems like there have been numerous English errors in the Korea times: especially in articles about western celebrities.  Do you have anything to say about that?

KTCE: Boobs. Blondes. Boobs. Blondes.

DIO: So did you read this article as carefully as you normally read articles, checking for mistakes?

KTCE: Boobies.  Boobies.  Lesbian.  Boobies.  Lesbian.  BLONDE LESBIAN!  Jessica Alba!

DIO: Did you notice there was an article attached to this picture of Jennifer Aniston?

KTCE: ANNNNISSSSSTOOOOOONNNNNN!  Boobieboobieboobieboobie.

DIO: No, no.  The ARTICLE!

KTCE: What article?

DIO: Is the Korean translation of the article grammatically correct?

KTCE: Yuh yuh. yuh.

DIO: Don't you feel bad for the Koreans who read these articles to try and learn English, and are presented with so many English errors that the article's English translation isn't only useless, it's actually HARMFUL to their English study?

KTCE: Boobies.

DIO: You're a terrible reporter!  You can't even write in fucking English!

KTCE: Hey back off, man.  It's hard typing with one hand; you want me to do it in perfect English, too?

Rule 72 in the Korea Times Handbook of Journalism Ethics and Style Rules:

If it's about naked hollywood stars, google translate will do.  'cause nobody's reading the articles except Dokdo Is Ours.
(article here)

The rest of the article was about the KTCE's hobby, drumming.  In it, you finally get to see Dokdo Is Ours' face, after many years of anonymity:


to stop the bleeding, and the humiliation, Korea Times has shortened and edited the article in question: compare this screencap with the previous one.  Maybe the KT should pay DIO for his/her editing services, if they plan to continue use this blog as a content quality control indicator.

Friday 27 August 2010

A Totally Objective Analysis of Kim Yuna's Split with Brian Orser 김연아 아이구!

Oh my gat!  I are so much upsets!  Kim Yuna beautiful Korea people skating hero have the break up to Blian Oseo.  Until the four years their partner team is study the skate bery hard and many chapionship!  Also she is sing very pretty.

Now my got is job journalist, after two year Kim Yuna fan club, and follow Kim Yuna to tournament places for see him skate, and I am the Korea Times writing about a Kim Yuna.  Sometimes my article are reject, for example "Kim Yuna wear pretty shirt today" and "Kim Yuna the Mother good and Happy Is Win Fighting!" and "Yuna Yuna Yuna Yuna Egg & Yuna" and "Here is Words I wrote To Chames Bont Thema Yuna Is Skate At" but my editor is say isn't news.

But my is shacked that Blian Oseo have break the Kim Yuna.  Before I am think the Blian Oseo are great Canada people teacher and kind even though gay.  But now I am see she real chalacter.  Some people say Yuna also shouln't the twitter her ugly breakup detail, but it's dirty lie! Yuna are the twenty years so he make mistake sometime, but Oseo is adult guy so him responsible her tell the breakup embarrass story on he wtwitter.

Yuna so innocent.  My love are pure.  Here am favorite my picture to her.  I'm feel like funny.

AIGO!  Him is betray the Kim Yuna!  Them is not write contract for example exploit people, and then him said lie, and another and another lie, so that the Yuna group music secret out and pretty Yuna embarrass.  Why him tell the lie people not fair for him?  Him is same the Canada people English teacher complain, want communication not lied to why they don't understand she situation?  First I'm thought Canada people are good guy and kind but him bet guy.  Also gay.  Korea people him is strangi.  And hate.  Him not the Guus Hiddinkeu!  I bery disappoint and angry.  I hope him skate is breatk.  First I thought Jim Hewish is hate most, or Apolo Ohno, but now hate Oseo is more.

If her pressure or sad too much, then maybe retire, then it's Oseo's fault!  HATE!  Bepore Canada was my good best country because Oseo, but not it's my hate country.  I change my children class to England people English teacher class because Jim Hewish Australia, Blian Oseo Canada and Apolo Ohno America people: everybody is hate!

Except if Yuna is retire maybe she make more aircon commercial with tight pants.  Then happy.

pictures are find the here: many storehouse of pretty and innocent pictures of the pure at chosun!

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Sing, o muses!

Due to various factors, your intrepid reporter Dokdo Is Ours is not finding the kinds of inspiration he/she used to.

Or maybe I just got a job with the Korean Tourism Organization, and I get to be paid to write like this.

Or maybe I've been living back in America for a year already and my backlog of posts finally got published.

Or maybe I'm just bummed that Korean Rum Diary vanished completely.

Or maybe it's time to make space for another Korea comedy blog.

Or maybe I just had my fifteenth birthday and I'm finally allowed to date, so I have other things on my... mind.

Or maybe it's just friggin' hot, and I'll get inspired again in October, when it's cooler.

Anyway, your intrepid reporter will continue reporting on all things Korea... but probably not as often as before.

Thank you, my loyal readers (all 94 of you).  You've made it a lot of fun so far.

And if you have an article you wrote that would fit on DIO, e-mail it to me, and I'll totally run it.  Yes, Jon Huer, I'm talking to you.