Sunday 18 January 2009

K-Pop Band SuperJunior Caught Plagiarizing Spanish Singer...Wait...What The Hell?

ht: SeoulBeats

In another embarrassing revelation, the K-pop band Super Junior has been caught, just as Lee Hyori, Jewelry, and numerous other K-Pop bands have in the past, imitating and/or plagiarizing bands from other countries.

In these two clips, notice how Super Junior's musical track for their song "U" is exactly the same as Spanish singer Adriel's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, "Solo Un Segundo."

Adriel's "Solo Un Segundo"

Super Junior's "U"

Though Korean pop is an amazing scene with numerous charismatic and interesting artists, incidents like this continue to bring shame and humiliation to the great nation of Korea and it is the professional opinion of Dokdo Is Ours that...

Wait a minute...

What the hell?

Seriously? FU¢KIN YEAH!!!!

Retake, from the top:

In a truly proud moment for Korean Pop-Stars WorldKorea-Wide, the ultimate superiority of K-Pop to other countries' pop has finally been recognized, Dokdo Is Ours is proud to report.

Look! Hey everybody! Look! Somebody in the West copied one of OUR songs! Yeah! Yeah! Go Korea! We ROCK! Dokdo is Our Land!

Here, the dazzlingly original, creative geniuses Super Junior, sing their awesome, amazing, brilliant pop-super-song, the awesomely titled, "U"

Next, dirty, idea-stealing, second-rate European artist Adriel underhandedly attempts to steal Super Junior's pure, true, and brilliant instrumental track, for his own petty gains.

While Super Junior has not returned Dokdo Is Ours' jubilant phone calls, text messages, and various styles of interview request, and do not seem to have commented on this underhanded yet high compliment to their unheralded musical creativity, Dokdo Is Ours demands that the dirty idea-stealing Spanish plagiarist Adriel come to Korea and offer full apology and reparations in full, including a possible burning of his national flag, and a probable head-shaving, while he cries false tears, and Super Junior make hardened, embittered faces. Dokdo Is Ours will be satisfied with nothing less.

Dokdo Is Ours still has two hundred words of column space, which he will fill with cheering for Korea.

Go Korea! Yeah Korea! We rock! Other countries can go to hell! Especially Japan! We're the best! Daehanminguk! Clap Clap, Clap Clap, Clap! Go Korea! We rock! We're the best! We're the smartest! We work harder! We have better music! Korean hallyu is the greatest cultural force since Alexander The Great! Sejong could beat up Abraham Lincoln! Who's your daddy? KOREA'S your daddy! We're awesome! We rule! We kick ass! Japan sucks! KOREA, FU¢K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Dokdo Is Ours, reporting.


JIW said...

Any chances of real American artists ripping from K-pop or J-pop stars??

Anyways I linked you on my blog.

Roboseyo said...

Hi there. Your blog was nominated for an award for the best Korea blogs of 2008, at The Hub Of Sparkle. Go check it out if you like.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Simply awesome.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Foreigner Joy: thanks! I linked you, too.

Anna said...

Nice blog just found it, and the post was great very ammusing and yes, Korea does rock (even though I'm not Korean lol)

Unknown said...

Adriel relased his song in 2009 right? Super Junior's U is from 2007... Who stole from who, dear? I think you better don't say things like that in front of E.L.F. (SuJu fanclub)

Anonymous said...

Natsuki: read the whole post, dummy.

All the best:

Dokdo Is Ours