Wednesday 4 August 2010

Sing, o muses!

Due to various factors, your intrepid reporter Dokdo Is Ours is not finding the kinds of inspiration he/she used to.

Or maybe I just got a job with the Korean Tourism Organization, and I get to be paid to write like this.

Or maybe I've been living back in America for a year already and my backlog of posts finally got published.

Or maybe I'm just bummed that Korean Rum Diary vanished completely.

Or maybe it's time to make space for another Korea comedy blog.

Or maybe I just had my fifteenth birthday and I'm finally allowed to date, so I have other things on my... mind.

Or maybe it's just friggin' hot, and I'll get inspired again in October, when it's cooler.

Anyway, your intrepid reporter will continue reporting on all things Korea... but probably not as often as before.

Thank you, my loyal readers (all 94 of you).  You've made it a lot of fun so far.

And if you have an article you wrote that would fit on DIO, e-mail it to me, and I'll totally run it.  Yes, Jon Huer, I'm talking to you.



Lee Farrand said...

I think you've pretty much addressed every possible Korean oddity, including ones that I never thought about. Hope you maintain an online presence to entertain us...

Anonymous said...

Hi I work for Huijun Communications ( I came across your blog and I love your detailed account on your stay in Korea, and I was thinking you would be a great asset for us.

At Huijun Communications, we are currently in the works of creating a website ( that serves as a hub and a community for foreign nationals living in Korea. Our vision is to create a website where people can get all info and service they want through this website without need of searching and looking here and there, and through which people communicate with Koreans as well.

Many bloggers showed their interest and joined in our website by posting their articles to share with others, and I would like to invite you to do the same.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated, and we offer complimentary Culture gift cards for bloggers who work with us. For more details, feel free to email me at


Anonymous said...

It's just hot. Life has slowed the hell down for now.

See you in the coming months! You have more readers than you know.

Kevin Storey said...

Yep... you've probably got more than 94 readers. I always enjoy your comedic writings. Hope you don't give it up.

Anonymous said...

As you are, in my opinion, the funniest and most creative blogger in Korea, I most sincerely hope you continue to blog.

Anonymous said...

As you're not responsible for anybody's entertainment, you should take a nice break whenever you want one.
Thank you for this hub of fun which I greatly appreciate, although I don't think I've ever seen “your detailed account on your stay in Korea”, was that in the printed edition from before the internet?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support, Anon, and everyone.

Gibbering Madness said...

I always enjoyed your blog, but I know how tough it is to keep writing. Just go at your own pace, and write an entry when you feel like it. Take a trip OUT of Korea once in awhile for inspiration.

Thanks for all the chuckles.

Anonymous said...

oh, korean rum diary was a hack.... yuck

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Sharon at Huijin Communications: really? You want the guy who makes fun of all things Korea on your "Korea brand promotion" website?

For culture gift cards? What's that, like "tickets" to free open air concerts on Seoul Open Night and stuff?

SuperFantabulous said...

I got the same comment from that Huijun guy. I think it's probably spam.

The Dokdo Times said...

I was disappointed to read this news when you first posted it, and decided to do what I could to fill the void over at The Dokdo Times. But then you kept posting – which is great. I kept meaning to comment here – and say thanks for all the posts – and I look forward to many more.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Thanks for picking up the torch, Dokdo Times. As you've noticed, things are more sparse here at DIO, but I'm glad someone's still bringing levity to the K-blogs.