Monday 10 January 2011

Subway-Gropers Also Applaud Korean Legal System Protecting Sex-Attackers' Rights To Grope Rape and Violate Undisturbed

In response to a recent press release, The Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance spoke out this week, chiming in with the larger Korean Association of Sex Attackers, expressing their support of a recent court ruling that sentenced a Korean bus driver for stopping a sex attack on the bus he was driving.

The Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance was "pleased" that the right for people men to conduct sex attacks undisturbed, has been defended by Korea's courts.

While the Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance has been aiming for affiliation with the Korean Association of Sex Attackers, its application has been denied for two consecutive years.

"Subway groping isn't even violent," explained Lee Byun-Tae, public relations representative for the KASA.  "We've debated it every year - given the huge number of Subway Gropers, it would certainly improve our numbers and dues collection, but in the end, we're afraid that mere groping will water down the violent and intimidating image we want to convey."

Some have accused the Korean Subway Gropers' Alliance of grasping for attention by releasing a press release for an event like this, which happened on a bus, and which was clearly an outright attack, not a groping: outside the Gropers' spectrum of action.

For more on the issue, please go to The Dokdo Times, The English version of Dokdo's oldest Independent Korean-Language Newspaper.


The Dokdo Times said...

Lee Byun-Tae ;-)

Well played. This is just getting better and better. Keep it up!

el groper(senator) said...

an excellent piece,so nice to see my brethren being treated without contempt for once.

Se-Woong said...


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