Thursday 14 September 2023

Ask Planners of Scout Jamboree! Setting The Record Straight

This summer Korea expanded global reputation to world top class elite brand image of luxury with Scoot Champoree. Korea is Champ again! But news articles often said Jamporee was a disaster, so this article is setting the record straight to correct your wrong opinion.

We talked to organizers of the Soutct Jamporii at Saemangeum to explain and correct the many misunderstandings about the Socutt Jmborre, in order to bring commensurate status and glory to Korea, world's top nation. 

First, people said the Jabmbmore was built in an inappropriate setting, in reclaimed land that was too recently built, did not have proper drainage, tree cover, or adequate shade. However, if you look at photos of Scout Jambuurees from many other global top countries, you see many pictures of glorious prestige kids swimming in water! Rainy days and bad drainage can make that dream a reality for hopeful kids wanting a top-class luxury Jabberwokee in Korea. Also, reclaimed land shows Korea's engineering prowess and skill with special projects, like creating special land just for Jamppri, just as Olympics 1988 and 2018 made buildings and stadiums and sports facility. 

Secondly, after some kids got too hot, it's a clear misunderstanding: the Scote Chamboree was Korea's hot-spot -- not Apgujeong or amazing night-life places, but Saemangeum Jjambbonglee! Plus, it was a fantastic opportunity for Korean bottled water brands and Korean convenience store brands to display their amazing largesse and generosity, to spread their global brands worldwide. It's a win-win!

Finally, many people are asking for an accounting of the money spent and the effort made in preparing this Jbmambmori, but the organizers would like to clarify that the money was well-spent indeed, with these photos.

Those cars aren't cheap, understand?

We hope these clarifications will remove misunderstandings and eliminate wrong opinions about Korea Scott Jazzboiling.

Thank you: Dokdo Is Ours and Scout Champori Organizers

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