Monday 28 July 2008

Ask The Guy Who Wrote the English Raps on Jewelry's CD.

Hey baby I'm the hello. Maybe you're the see my song it's a wow yeah baby baby. Girl!

On the TV on the TV song and hear the shake it down. Sexy sexy sexy girl! I'm the thank you sexy DokdoIsOurs for give a watcha guest post yeah!

Break it break it down now sayin' I'm'a talk for sometimes you know it's a welcome to Korea! I have sometimes sometimes gonna guest-write DokdoIsOurs article you're the read it you're the read it and we happy good sexy time!

It's a my advice, it's a -it's a my advice to writing you're advices on the DokdoIsOurs sexy column!

It's the send it please to send it at yo DokdoIsOurs at gmail dat com send you sexy hot hot body e-mail and my can ana-ana-ana-answer to you question on DokdoIsOurs.

First one today sexy starting first question is for today:

"Dear Guy Who Wrote the English Raps on Jewelry's Latest CD

I'm a new English teacher in Korea. I was born in Vermont, and I like it a lot in Korea so far, but sometimes my students stick their hands together and try to jam their index fingers into my anus when I'm walking down the halls of my hogwan. This was very surprising to me, because kids in Vermont never do this. What is going on?

Harmony B"

Yo yo yo yo Halmoni-B! Grandma-B grandma-B got a sexy shake it ass and kiddie surprise finger yo yo granny-B surprise shake ya body sexy ass!

Halmoni yo your name mean Grandma in Korea talking baby sexy talking grandma baby watcha watcha want yo! Kiddies poke it's teacher bad (go teacher go teacher teacha teacha teachering my English class yo! Gang sign!)

Surprising teacher is Korean culture, you that's ddong-chim dadadadaddong-chim (chuh chuh) it's a many many happy kiddie play the game to the ddong-chim yo! If the ddong-chimmi cutie kiddie surprise to grandma teacher it's time for happy happy "don't do ddat partayy!"

Like yo just y'all makes singing "don't do ddat" song and shake ya sexy ass because can't poking in a shaking sexy ass so move ya body! Then say to the naughty naughty cra-jee kiddie stop to the finger pokey because you sexy teacher hot body lady teacher is respect with the bling to the all five fingers in Korea yo, and forget forget no don't forget you just remember it's like a cutie kid game to the in Korea man, so chill out yo take it easy and shake ya sexy sexy ass, hot granny lady!

Yo, peace! East Sea!

The Guy Who Wrote the English Raps on Jewelry's CD.


Marilyn said...

I think this guy is in my class.

Unknown said...

This deserves fucking awards for its genius.

Brian said...

Whoa, I can't believe I missed this one. I was actually thinking about doing a post like this for April Fools. Your problem, though, is that her English almost sort of makes sense in this post.