Monday 21 July 2008

Oh Shit! Japan Has Four Seasons Too

In another blatant attempt to encroach upon Korean sovereignty, dirty, two-faced Japan has attempted to cop yet another of Koreas great characteristics.  

In this survey, Japanese claimed one of the best things about Japan and the Japanese was the beautiful passage through four distinct seasons, when everybody knows that Korea fu¢king INVENTED seasons.  Next, they're going to try to claim that seasons were invented on Dokdo, and by extension claim seasons to be a Japanese invention, too.  Those dirty textbook-distorting backstabbers, everybody knows Dokdo is Ours.  We shall not have yet another piece of Korea's great heritage co-opted by dirty, pointy-chin, crooked teeth Japanese!

If the Japanese continue to claim four seasons as a great virtue of Japan, it shall be taken as an act of cultural aggression against Korea, and a revival of Japan's old militant colonial expansionism.  In that case, we shall have no choice, as our patriotic duty, to stand outside the Japanese embassy and shout bad words, and crap on Japanese flags, in order to remind Japanese that we, Koreans, have four seasons way better than their dumb seasons, and our heritage and culture are far superior to theirs.

In other news, Korean engineers at Seoul National University declare themselves on the cusp of inventing a fifth season, which shall be exclusively for the use of Koreans, and which we certainly won't share with any fu¢king Japanese!


Jon Allen said...

You're on my blogroll.
keep it up.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Thanks. Spread the word: I'm posting!