Friday 1 May 2009

Seoulites Will Walk on Left, Right Side of Sidewalk; Korea to become Hub of Global Walking Culture

The Korea Herald Reports that the government will revise relevant laws in order to keep pedestrians walking on the globally recognized right side of the sidewalk. This will lead to an international culture of less jostling on the sidewalk.

Cho Sung-tae, deputy director of the ministry's public administration division, explained that in order to implement the law, police will be re-allocated from corruption and crime investigations, human trafficking crack-downs, traffic safety patrols late-night subway station surveillance and school zone safety, to patrol busy sidewalks ticketing people who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. "We will do whatever necessary to ensure the lawful perambulation of Korea's great people."

"And what about the corruption, human trafficking, road safety, and victimization of children in schools?" Dokdoisours intrepidly asked.

"Oh, those problems will still be there when we get back to them."

Some pedestrians were not happy about this new development. Kwang Young-joon, a pedestrian in crowded Gangnam, asks, "Why do they have to control every part of our lives? I wanted to blog about it, but I was afraid I'd get arrested. And can we at least have sexy traffic girls guarding the walkways, instead of pimply boys doing their tours of duty? After all, we're starting to resemble North Korea in other ways."

Some suspect corruption to be behind the new law as well: it is suspected by anonymous insiders that the take-out restaurant lobby was behind this law getting passed, in order to keep the middle of the sidewalks clear for their motorbikes.

When asked about the take-out lobby, Mr. Cho had no comment. "Not now. I'm eating this free bowl of Jajangmyun."

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