Thursday 21 May 2009

Korean Rum Diary Gives it a Go

By taking on a topic that is dear to Dokdo Is Ours' heart, and being funny as hell to boot, Korean Rum Diary wins DokdoIsOurs' first ever prestigious "Golden Fossilized K-Walrus Penis"(photo source)
Now go read his report on Scotland's recent entry in the race for whose claim on Dokdo is most specious. Dokdo Is Ours has heard rumblings from inside sources that Yemen is also thinking of entering the Dokdo sweepstakes, but that remains hearsay...for now.


DSW said...

Fuck Yemen! Scotland is number one! Our claim to 'Dokdo' (or Jabal al-Tair II as those damn Yemenesians would say) is the oldest and least ridiculous.

DSW said...

You heartless bastard... Your advertisement of my awful slanderings has resulted in the suicide of a former president! Damn your K-mammoth penis!