Tuesday 2 June 2009

It is my Pride and Honor To Work for the Classiest Journalism Source in All Asia

HT to Korea Beat

by Mun Chang-ryeong
Truly, it is my honor to work for the photo corps of the illustrious Chosun Ilbo.
Not only are they the only objective, impartial news source in Asia, with thorough coverage and unbiased reports on everything from the glorious president Lee Myung-bak to the filthy communist Union Leaders, the photo section remains, as always, a true bastion of great documentarian work.

Please observe my photo journalistic essay on female beach volleyball players. I gracefully catch their plight as they try to live under the conditions God gave them, struggling, striving to reach their goals in that infinitely human way.

Observe the tight, tight, steely...um...determination, of these competitive babes warriors.

Brushed with sand, in tight focus, truly, these women are an example we could all spend more time meditating upon. It is a credit to the Chosun Ilbo that they have chosen to expand their photo documentary efforts, to capture women participating in these all too human struggles for victory. See the grim determination in their faces.
Don't worry. Her face wasn't that great, anyway.

Oh my! Next time the Chosun will have to send two photographers...I seem to have forgotten to take a single picture of these players' faces. Here's one. Too *bad* that other player's firm and shapely *block* is almost in the way.

Yes, Chosun Ilbo continues to feature the best male photography corps I've ever seen, and it is a true honor to be part of their photo corps, exploring the world of bikini babes in the unbiased, clinical way only a male photographer could.
Truly worth celebrating! But only if you're hot, and wearing a bikini, and I have my camera.

Stay classy, Chosun Ilbo

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