Monday 23 November 2009

Initial Brainstorming Session for "Scent of Korea in a Bottle"

After traveling to Korea and following his nose around, Francois Demachy, a Christian Dior perfumer, has announced his intention to create a fragrance evocative of Korea's unique landascape.

Here is the initial list of distinctive smells he jotted down in his notepad, before beginning the process of elimination, along with an X beside the smells he ruled out.

garlic X

Jeju Island oranges

stylish women wearing three brand-name fragrances at a time X

raw sewage from storm drains X

rapid industrialization (smells a bit like engine oil) X


destruction of wetlands X

soju hangover X

hobo fights in Tapgol Park X

sesame leaf X

makkeolli burps X

mountain rose (mugunghwa)

Louis Vuitton handbags X

Louis Vuitton fakes X


bbundaegi (silkworm larvae) X

national pride (smells like roasted peacock turds; as a Frenchman, it took him a while to identify) X

vomit on sidewalks X

garlic X

old men with soju and dried squid breath X

recycled side dishes X

dokdo (smells like seagull shit) X

garlic X

bulgogi farts X

the restauranteur who ripped him off X (one of the last to be eliminated)

garlic X

cherry blossoms

street food X


street vendors X

dwenjang jigae X

instant coffee


street people X

kids who believe washing their hair will make them fail the test X

kimchi farts X

car exhaust from assholes driving their mercedes' around just to be stared at X

do you know chunggyecheon?



holterbarbour said...

Can you believe it:

Dokdo has already been bottled!

Man-boy said...

recycled side dishes X

does this come for free with another more expensive perfume?

DSW said...

It'll never outsell the Dokdo fragrance.

Man-boy said...

dammit, i just noticed my blog layout is the same as yours. gonna have to fix that

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Kushibo used to as well. Yay for blogger templates!

Anonymous said...

before beginning the process of elimination,

Had he jumped right to this important bodily process, he wouldn't have needed to go through all the brainstorming.