Tuesday 19 January 2010

A Primer on Korean Democracy for Developing Nations

Korean scholar Youn Jung-suk, president of the Korean Legislative Studies Institute, suggests that Korean democracy is a good model for developing countries attempting to set a democracy of their own in place.

Here are some samples from the "How-To-Guide" he's sent to several Southeast Asian countries.

Taken from pages 212-215, the first pages of: Chapter Nine, "Now that Your Democracy Has been Established, and You No Longer Have To Massacre Your Citizens To Put Down Their Protests"

Materials needed:


Outrageous costumes. (politicians who can fly optional)

Fire Extinguishers.

Cartoon Characters.


Podiums that are defensible as fortress walls


DSW said...

What about live animals to slaughter, scissor which we can use for cutting off our own fingers, and random white people to kidnap and force into saying positive things about Korea to the media...?

Anonymous said...

That would be chapter 12: Tourism Promotion


Our Man in Abiko said...

Dear Dokdo-san, Our Man is a total link whore (see http://ourmaninabiko.blogspot.com/2010/01/dokdo-is-our-mans-blog-of-week.html)

He demands conjugal rights. Will settle for a cookie.

Unknown said...

It's messy, but hey, it's a young democracy. It could be worse, but it's just mild enough to be funny.