Sunday 30 May 2010

Ten Magazine is A Hate The Korea! Please Go Home!

Oh my Gat!  I am a shocking!

FIrst I think about Ten Magajing... do you know ten magajine?  It is a English native writing magazing about the Korea and news event also article.  Many picture, but Chosun Ilbo picture better.  More vikini.  I'm think like this magajing because happy to like the Korea. But today I am decide canceling my subscribe for a Ten Magajing.  Because their article is ask the foreigner "What are your complain to the Korea"

Let me explain my think about Korea and the foreigner complain, because sometimes people are misunderstand.

1. First, the foreign people is not Korean!  I am grow up the Korea so I know everything the Korea country because.  And citizen.  Howerver, foreign people is the understand their country not a Korea so they should only listen the Korea people explain, not talking complain.

2. It's true many foreigner live in Korea, so somebody people are say foreign people should talking about the Korea because they are live... so yes!  Let's talk the healthy kimchi (not Kimuchi, dirty jap), and beautiful Korea women (but no touch OK?  Your penis is have no jung.)  And many thing - the place for visit Korea like fuck village, traditional museum, fuck village, hanbok shop, palace, fuck village, and king's toome.  That's Korea culture you know!  Also you can spend money here.  IF the foreigner are talk the Korea also about complain thing, then it can frustrating and racial violence come, so foreigner live Korea OK but say nice thing then no racial violence OK?

3. Also, some people complaining the racism, but that's lie, because we are don't discriminate.  It's you're foreigner not reason for your can't complain Korea.  Just because ignorant and don't understand the Korea.  Same your don't sit Korean restaurant table: because you can't the chopsticks, so bother other customer, not because skin color!  Or maybe the Korea food too spicy.

4. I am really believe freedom for foreigner, for example, foreigner who am complain the Korea is free always go home.  Even sometimes I encourage go home for exercise freedom: that's why!  Freedom!

So today I saw Ten Magajing have a "What's your Complain the Korea" article, and ask everybody complain the Korea!  I'm so angry.  You should only like a Korea because foreign magajing, OK Ten Magajing?  I'm so angry if you hate Korea why don't you go home?

Now, you stop the Ten Magajing.  Now I am call you NINE Magajing, because hate.

Have a good time!  Enjoy your the Korea!

Thank you for read my thinking.

NINE Magajing!


Anonymous said...

gold, as always

blase said...

pure genius, and I've heard others try. you just do it better. love the kimchi islets too.