Tuesday 1 June 2010

Other Nixed Suggestions from the Brainstorming Session that Produced "Drunken Rice"

ddeokbokki - "spicy ricy penis shapes"

hongeo - "holy fuck what was that?"

soju - "The Korean Vomitizer"

jajangmyeon - "Negro noodles"

donkaseu - "Pound the pig"

sundae - "Greasy blood'n'guts"

hanjeongshik - "Proof of our superiority"

cheonggukjang - "Go home filthy foreigner... soup"

sugared garlic bread - "Authentic Italy"

soju - "Korean Dom Perignon"

makgeolli - "Flavored Burps"

san nakji (live octopus) - "PETA Puck-Off" (best with Korean pronunciation)

boshintang (dog soup) - "Pet Puree" "a man's best lunch" and "Fried Fido"

gopchang - "Barbequed Risk Materials"

chobap - "fuck you japan it's chobap, not sushi!  Fucking chobap!"

kimchi - "You wouldn't understand anyway"

bibimbap - "Please like me.  Or just let me keep calling."

These new English nicknames will be added to bilingual menus all around Korea starting next month.

Any other suggestions?  Add them in the comments!


Lee Farrand said...

Kimchijigae, Dakddeoritang, Budaejigae = Three different restaurants on the same street. Alternative name = Spoiled for choice

Bbondaeggi = boiled grubs (smell is very many delicious smell)
Canned Bbondaeggi = taste is very not delicious

Eel, boshintang, sea-penis = good for mans health (*wink* plus gold-filling and cigarette tainted smile)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I am working on a song Eat Saengchae Eat Saengchae set to Carly Simon's you're so vain. You are no longer the only korean humour blog around. http://www.lkf1.blog.com