Tuesday 8 June 2010

Impartial and Totally Objective World Cup Preview

Oh my gat!

It's Korea world cup win year 2010-2012!  That's right!  Welcome at the Korea world cup South Aprica preview.  I'ts my honor for many study the football to predictions with accurate.  So after many researches (for example watch FC Seoul game, Pohang Steelers Game, Busan I'Park game, and many many Manchester United Game), I am give the best analysis for World Cup.

Today is tlak about Group B.  Also it's Korea group.  Other group is have team like the Brazil and North Korea, but Group B is definately strongest in World Cup because...

do you know why?

because KOREA! (of course)

Le'ts talk the other team first.  THere is a Argentina like coachee is Madonna.  Madonna is most pamous football play people except Fele.  Fele is the Brajil people but Madonna is Argentina (that is why sing "Don't Cry for Me" song)  Some people say coachee Madonna Kraze as a Burger (see my joke?  Like Kraze Burger! KKK) but I'm question is, if Madonna coachee Argentina, why aren't Fillet coach the Brajil team?  We watching Madonna a lot because him hands on balls always, for example 1986.

And now teaching him team player his special move.  Messy can learn it.

Korea is conservative society, so we hoping no hand on balls move during game: it can be Messy!

Next team is Nigelia, I think it's South America too because chocolate peoples is in team photo, but it can't Aprica because Aprica is already have their team in the Group A.

Anyway, Korea people is not afraid because Aprica and chocolate people is big but Korea skull is ideal shape for intelligence brain pan, plus eating metal chopsticks is KOREA have mental advantage to the chocolate people.  So.  Tall fast strong chocolate people like NBA is less important than smart, or else horses are dominant species the Earth (they is tall fast strong more than the human), this shows why Korea is win the Nigelia.

Finally is Greashi.  Them is cradle the Western civilization and Korea expect the difficult fight for them. Because them is rough playing style: for example, please watchign:

This is World Cup.

World Cup?  This Is Sparta!

However, Korea is many fast, and we are have Rain Ninja Assassin to our team if need.  Here is him playing style.  So we can equal fight if working hard.

Finally, Korea team is the smart and Kimchi power runn fast!  Everybody have DNA clone with three lungs, like Park Jisung, and working hard to Korean coachee, too.  Plus, do you know Park Jisung?  He is the Manchester United superstar, like Looney.  Park Jisung is the genius play and complexion very nice OK?

So Korea is win the world cup of course!  And especially group B.  I am predict pure blood final against North Korea and South Korea because Han blood is bester than the other one.  But after that it's so impressive the final game and no more war, so China is give Baekdusan the Korea.  And world is rename football the 축구 so that no more confusion America name (soccer) and World name (football) is stop be confusing.

In conclusion, teacher do you like football? Yes or no?

And please watching this video. I am make it for the NINE Magajing contest, but them said too long, and not about Korea. I am hate. Now NINE Magajing is EIGHT Magajing.

Most objective world cup analysis you are find the world!  It's here.


Flint said...

Korea Phiting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Which one is lamer? Koreaisbest or you? http://www.lkf1.blog.com

John said...

Wow. Not even a Park Ji-Sung goal can trump this impartial and totally objective World Cup preview.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Hey Korean Culture Explained/Anonymous/lkf1... how about contributing to the discussion? Spamming comment boards with little more than links to your site (and insults) is a counter-productive way to promote your new blog, because it makes you an annoyance to potential allies.

Unknown said...

My Aprican teacher friend and I read your World Cup Preview last night and laughed and laughed. That's about all for now. I look porward to your updates in the puture.