Thursday 28 October 2010

Our International Festival is Welcome Korean Speaker from All Country!

This short note only, ok?  OKbuddy!

Our international pood pestival in the Busan is come.  Do you know the Busan?  It's a Korea.  City in south.  Also hub of south cities in Korea and mecca of Haeundae Bitch.

We're have international food pestibal Nobember 11-13 and tell you about, here's the website.  Please come to the our pestibal.

Maybe you notice: English button is not click for English page to international pood pestibal.  But that's because our pestibal is Korea language pestibal.  Maybe you heard Hallyu.  Do you know the hallyu?  Thanks to the Hallyu now eberybody is speak the Korea talk, so international pestibal is Korea talk only now.  We're welcome Korean speaker from every country to the our pestibal.  For example, Chinese Koreans, Japanese Koreans, North Korean refugees, Korean Americans (only if speak the Korea speak though), European Koreans, Korean adoptees, Half-Koreans, and especially Hines Ward.

Also, we're welcome food demonstration from international ethnic of Koreans live away from Korea, and some food demonstration from Koreans who have travel to the overseas:

for example:

China: Jajangmyeon. That's all. Other thing is too greasy.  Kimchi with maggot
Egypt: Turkish kebap, pork stirfry with long grain rice
England: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog
USA: Pizza with special american topping like Yams (it's how called goguma in the America!)
Canada: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog
Japan: Donkaseu and kimbap and udon, kimuchi with bad funny not kimchi STOP STEAL OUR CULTURE flavor
Italy: spaghetti with sweet pickle and kimchi
Germany: Turkish kebap and barbeque ribs
Australia: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog
France: sweet garlic bread, microwave hot dog with dry ketchup on, cream fill bread (Paris Baguette is run the Prance table: it's real Paris eat!) and kimchi
New York: Jew food like bagle.  And kimchi
Aprica: haha! Just kidding.  Everybody know Aprica is hungry country and no food.  But if we find brack people, we bring them to the Aprica table.  Maybe give they some food.
Aprica: Hamburger, french fry, hot dog.
North Korea: UN Food Aid Rations.  Kimchi.

Korea speaker from every country can enjoy globalized hub of world mecca food in the Busan.
See you there!  (If you are can read the map for find it.  That's Korean too)


Anonymous said...

that's gold

Anonymous said...

bravo, seriously!

Anonymous said...

"especially hines ward".....hahaha

Anonymous said...

I went to a international food festival in Suwon and this is almost exactly what it was like, no Prance table though. Paris Baguette was across the road.

San Sang Nim said...

ROFLMFAO. ROFLCOPTER. Well done sir. Charhatsseoyo.