Sunday 3 August 2008

JYP's New Group to Assimilate All K-Pop Into One Group

Jin-young Park, the K-Pop producing god, is merging the delightful Wonder Girls (원더걸스),

and the overwhelming Girls' Generation (SNSD or 소녀시대)
into a single supergroup, named "Amoeba" or "아메바"

"It started one day when I accidentally put 'Tell Me' on Girls' Generation's playlist instead of the Wonder Girls' setlist," JYP said.  "When I heard them sing the song, I seriously didn't realize it was the wrong group until about two thirds through the thing.  That sort of planted the seed.

Next I got the Wonder Girls to sing an SNSD song -- "Kissing You" -- and dude, it might have been the hangover, but I could barely tell the difference.

JYP takes off his ever-present sunglasses and stares off into the sky, and whistles through his cheeks, amazed at his own cleverness. "I just thought I'd combine them, you know."

Dokdoisours barely dared ask questions in the face of such a shining genius. "So, you think they'll be even bigger, when they're together?"

"Of course, dumbass! I'm gonna start something here. Amoeba's gonna absorb some of the other JYP bands -- Rain's coming on board after his Hollywood career fails, and then we hope to get Lee Jung-Hyun in -- she hasn't done anything new lately, to bring a little spice and veteran savvy. . . "

"From there, the sky's the limit -- I mean, imagine Lee Hyori shaking her bitty bits to the 'Tell Me Dance' -- nobody could stop us! This is the next stage of the Korean Wave, I'm telling you -- we'll start absorbing Hong Kong and Japanese groups too, until nobody will be able to resist us!"

"So you're not just doing this to save time, managing TWO teen girl groups?" Dokdoisours dared to ask.

"Hell no! This is the future of music! I see a world where everyone -- every single human being -- is part of the band! That's my vision! I've already proven anybody can be a pop star! What's left to accomplish?"

Dokdoisours nodded his head, totally bested by JYP's flawless logic.

"Anyway," JYP said sullenly, lighting a cigarette, "If we don't do it, Japan will."

(More on JYP here.)


Anonymous said...

ahahahahaxDDDD made my day xD really.i was like WTF at first cuz i thought it was true then i realized ... really you almost got me xP

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