Tuesday 7 October 2008

Suh In Young Admits Mushroom Cut was "A Prank" on Korean Fashion Followers

Korean Pop Superstar Suh In-Young (서인영) admitted yesterday, in a shocking revelation, that "that silly mushroom haircut was a just a joke I played on my friends and fans."

"It was meant as an ironic commentary on the way people will imitate anything a star does -- I was trying to decide whether to get a really, really stupid haircut, or that vagina handbag I saw online. . . we decided the idiotic haircut would be more subtle. I was just as surprised as anybody when it took off. Believe me!" she told Dokdoisours, as he stared at her face, trying not to be too obvious as he looked for the plastic surgery lines.

She smiled, and DokdoIsOurs winced. They looked the same for a moment.  "Fads are so unpredictable, you know?" she laughed.

The prank is a surprising departure for Suh, who is usually known as a model for class,
and coy demureness...

"I was in the hairdressers, and we were just chatting, and I explained to her how really, I want to be bigger than the Beatles...put together! The stylist laughed and bunched my hair up so that it looked like I had an early Beatles' moptop, and it was amazing: I looked almost exactly like pre-moustache Ringo Starr!"
"My mind went to my idea of playing a prank on my fan-followers, you know -- everybody does that stupid "E.T." dance from "One More Time"

"...and I started wondering just how stupid I'd have to act before people start thinking for themselves.  

"I guess I'll have to buy that vagina purse, after all," Suh finished, staring off into the distance.

According to Suh, cosmetics company Maybelline was in on the joke: "Why else would they use me to pitch their product?"

Maybelline did not answer DokdoIsOurs' calls at time of printing.

Suh has a special distinction in Korea: just as Mun Geun-young is Korea's little sister and Kim Gun-mo is Korea's national singer, Suh is "Korea's Least Attractive Superstar" barely beating out Choi Hong-man for the distinction.Suh's fans have had mixed reactions to the news.

"A joke?  It was a joke?  Jesus.  I can't believe she played me for a fool just because I wanted to ape her style.  Now I'll have to take this lesson to heart, stop being a follower, and totally be myself, just like Avril Lavigne!" said "Sue" Jung.

"Actually I don't care.  This mushroom cut is totally me now, just like my fake Prada bag.  That's all that matters to me, really, is looking like a star.  Maybe people will think I'm playing a prank too.  Pranks are the new thing, you know," "Sue" Kim said, explaining why she will not change her mushroom hairdo, even though it was a prank.

More news on what will probably be far-reaching fashion repercussions in this shocking revelation about Suh In-Young will be reported here as they come.

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Very funny post. Accurate portrayal, too.