Thursday 30 October 2008

Chosun Ilbo Nudes ALSO Have No Artistic Merit

Recently*, The Chosun Ilbo reports that a nude yogurt fight staged in 2003 in Insa-dong was commercially motivated, not artistic, and therefore fined an unnamed milk company executive for staging it.

Surprisingly, the Chosun Ilbo posted pictures of this event, though the Chosun Ilbo is well known for the prudish mores held by its staff of photographers.  !!!!!
Dokdoisours has no artistic merit, and wants hits, and therefore, will publish the photos as well, but only so that we can all shake our heads in moralistic disgust and righteous outrage.
Dokdoisours is shocked, SHOCKED, that the Digital Chosun Ilbo (English) would publish such crass photos: usually this kind of lurid tripe is reserved for the Chosun Ilbo (Korean), and English speakers are left to navigate blindly between photos of disaster rescue crews and the kind of TNA we seek when we visit Korean news sources ('cause we're not looking for world-class, objective reporting, now, are we?)

*this article is actually from January 2005, but it has nude korean women in it, and it's a real news source, I swear!

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Visiting Korean Stadiums said...

Women in this country don't appreciate art at all. I ant find one female face in the crowd.