Thursday, 13 November 2008

KOREA BEHIND JAPAN (and 106 other countries that don't matter) IN INTERNATIONAL GENDER GAP ASSESSMENT

In a day that Korea should rue for many years, Korea placed behind Japan in the International Gender Gap assessment again this year.

Even more humiliating, Korea's Gender Gap As Compared To Japan's Gender Gap is worsening: in 2007, Dirty Bastard Country* ranked 91st and Korea was 97th, a mere six places behind; this years, Korea was ranked 108th and Japan scored 98th: a full TEN places behind Korea.

This is obviously a trick played by the powerful international Japanese Lobby, who have plotted their nefarious campaign to steal Dokdo from Korea, rename the East Sea "Sea of Dirty Cocksuckers"* cut funding from VANK, and disparage Korea's culture, land, and economy at every chance. It seems these unapologetic Imperialists have twisted perception of Korea worldwide, and probably fed false information to international agencies, in order to perpetuate Korea's humiliation in being ranked BEHIND Japan in various world rankings.

(* in DokdoIsOurs' personal lexicon, these two idioms both mean Japan)

Jang Yunha, a Korean careerwoman who lost her job this year, replaced by a younger, cuter university graduate who couldn't type or work a calculator, but who put out and had "decent jugs," had this to say:

"Could you PLEASE stop focusing only on Japan and un-fu¢k this country?"

It is the professional opinion of DokdoIsOurs that she should leave the past in the past, learn to cook, make some babies, stop complaining, and remember her place.
(there's a reason Bune's got no mouth-hole, Ms. Jang.)

It is obvious that these kinds of lies are nothing more than manipulations by two-faced Japanese fabrication-mills, like the ministry of education and world map printers, and it is the patriotic duty of all Koreans to write letters and e-mails to every person on the planet, in order to correct these misperceptions of Korean culture.

Here are translations into numerous languages, of the text you ought to send, to random citizens of different countries, on your letter-writing campaign, in order to correct the world's mistaken view that Japan is better than Korea.

English: "Contrary to what you may have heard, Korea rocks, and Japan sucks balls."

Arabic: على عكس ما كنت قد سمعت ، هي كوريا واليابان المصات كبيرة كرات.

Bulgarian: Противно на това, което може да сте чули, Корея и Япония е супер гадно топки.

Chinese (simplified): 相反,你可能已经听说,韩国是日本大和吸收球。

Chinese (traditional): 相反,你可能已經聽說,韓國是日本大和吸收球。

Czech: Oproti tomu, co jste možná slyšeli, je veliká Koreu a Japonsko, smrdí koule.

Dutch: In tegenstelling tot wat u misschien wel eens gehoord, Korea en Japan is groot zuigt ballen.

French: Contrairement à ce que vous avez entendu mai, la Corée est grande et le Japon suce boules.

German: Im Gegensatz zu dem, was Sie gehört haben, Mai, Korea ist groß und Japan saugt Bälle.

Hebrew: ד למה ייתכן ששמעת, הוא נהדר קוריאה ויפן מבאס ביצים

Hindi: तुम क्या सुना है मई के विपरीत, कोरिया और जापान के महान गेंदों बेकार है.

Italian: Contrariamente a quanto potrebbe essere sentito, è grande la Corea e il Giappone succhia palle.

Japanese: あなたの耳にしていることに反して、韓国と日本のボールはとんでもない素晴らしいです。

Lithuanian: Skirtingai nuo to, ką jums gali būti girdėję, Pietų Korėja, yra didelis ir japonija sucks kamuolių.

Norwegian: I motsetning til hva du kanskje har hørt, Korea er stor og Japan suger baller.

Portugese: Ao contrário do que pode ter ouvido, a Coreia eo Japão é uma grande chatice bolas.

Russian: Вопреки тому, что вы слышали, Корее и Японии большое засасывает шаров.

Serbian: Насупрот ономе што су чули мај, Кореја и Јапан је велико срање лоптице.

Slovenian: V nasprotju s tem, kar ste morda slišali, Koreja je super in japonska zanič žoge.

Spanish: Contrariamente a lo que usted puede haber oído, es muy Corea y Japón chupa bolas.

Swedish: I motsats till vad du kanske har hört att Korea är stor och Japan suger bollar.

Ukrainian: Попри те, що ви чули, Кореї та Японії велике засмоктує куль.

Vietnamese: Ngược với những gì bạn có thể đã nghe nói, Hàn Quốc và Nhật Bản là lớn sucks bóng.

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