Sunday 30 November 2008

Samsung To Debut Even More Bulletproof Phone Than Motorola

After a man's life was saved when his Motorola Razr phone stopped a wayward bullet from striking his heart, Samsung, never one to give up an advantage to a competitor, has announced immediate plans to develop the Samsung Armor, a bulletproof phone.

"While R.J. Richard was mostly saved by luck and chance, any Samsung Armor owner who is struck by a bullet in the exact spot where they are carrying their phone, will be saved by Korean engineering prowess, rather than luck."

Korea is a world leader in cellphone production, with LG and Samsung two of the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers, partly because Samsung is quick to adjust to new changes in the market.  The news of the Mississippi man's brush with death led to an emergency meeting in the Samsung head office as phonemakers struggle to find new edges over their rivals.

Samsung is also discussing the possibility of a bulletproof vestphone with Korean military engineers.

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