Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I just stabbed myself in the eye with a pencil. Also: Korean stars give up speaking English, lapse into gibberish instead.

And...Korea's top stars give up trying to speak English, and lapse into pure gibberish:

When asked to comment, Jang Dong-gun and Rain both first said "Malla booka fessita oogla gambola bimijifae!" and followed up, after further questioning with, "English is fu¢king hard."

Meanwhile, The Fairy Godmother is considering trying to break into K-pop.

Meanwhile, Korean Rap Star Mr. Typoon, or Missaong Tefaong (as he pronounces it), has also given up speaking any language at all, and has invented his own dialact, named Kongeboniglish

HT: Popseoul and Hub of Sparkle

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Brian said...

Rain has such a punchable face.