Monday, 23 February 2009

Mongolian Man Startled To Learn Four of Five "Boys Before Flowers" Leads Are Male

Chumuun Borjigin, a Mongolian horse-trainer and animal-trapper, was startled to learn that four of the five leads in the Korean drama "Boys Before Flowers" were actually male. Mr. Borjigin, pictured here,
knew his wife was a fan of the show, which she watched on the TV he traded for a hundred animal pelts.

"She loves the show: she watches every episode, and even stays up late if she knows it will be replayed in the evening. One day, she made me sit down and watch it, and I thought it was like that other show, Sex and the City, we watched once, where a bunch of skinny, pale women do stupid things, like spending time in smelly cities, complaining about their lives, and spending money on shoes that would be useless when running from a wild boar. My wife liked this Korean show, I think it was called, The Boys are Prettier than Flowers, but I thought it needed more horseback riding. And not the kind on Sex and the City."

Mr. Borjigin was startled, though, to discover that only one of the principal actors is female. "I was guessing three, maybe four of them were...those city people all look the same to me. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that only the poor one was female."

The love-connections in the show also confused Mr. Borjigin. "But now that I know which ones are boys and which ones are girls, it might be easier to figure out."

So will he be paying attention, next time the show is on?

"Good god! I have to go and kill something with my bare hands every time I see an episode, to make sure it hasn't made me a woman accidentally. Kind of like that Snickers commercial."

So then, Dokdoisours clarified, "You'll be trying to avoid this show?"

"Does yak blood congeal in a bucket?"

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