Wednesday 1 April 2009

Seoulpodcast's REAL new Format

Seoulpodcast has decided, due to a few complaints, as well as main host Joe McPherson's startling admiration for the new Korea Blog "A Long Time Ago When A Tiger Smoked A Cigarette...," to change the format of the SeoulPodcast into nothing more than recorded readings of that blog.

"Really, it took such a long time to edit everything with the old format, and think of stuff to say, and find guests...this new angle is going to save me time, and also my listeners. Plus, reading every single one of Hwarangi's posts, almost in their entirety on the podcast so far has been so much fun, I just thought, 'Why not focus all my energy into something I enjoy doing so much?'" said Joe McPherson, also known as Zenkimchi.

"The last few Seoulpodcasts I've read just about the entire post, whenever Hwarangi put something up...I'm not really changing much except taking out more of the filler."

When asked about blogger Joe's obssession with her blog, Hwarangi was a flattered, but still a bit taken aback. "Does this mean I have to post every week?" was her first question, followed by, "Hey maybe Joe's the white guy who's been going through my trash at six every morning. . . that explains a lot, in fact."

Joe Zenkimchi had nothing to say about the trash-rifling. "Going through her garbage? Why, that's crazy-talk! Why would I do that? How would it enrich my life to know that she uses Nivea hand-cream and her cellphone bill last month was 47560 won? That wouldn't do anything for me at all."

"So what's that in your hand?" Dokdo Is Ours asked, noticing Joe playing with something fuzzy and mousy-colored.
"Just a ball of hair I...found...somewhere. I like to run it between my fingers. Why?" Joe said, quickly hiding the hairball behind his back. "It smells good, too. Want to smell it?"

In other news, both Zenkimchi and Brian Deutsch are in a race to set the "posts-on-a-non-k-pop-Korea-blog-in-a-single-day" record.
Joe's entries today: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
Brian's run at the record: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

When asked about the amazing race, Korean poet Choi Yong Hearn had this to say:

"For several years now, Brian and Joe, Americans living in Korea, wrote
blog posts about Korea and other stuff too

for example travel

sometimes happy or upset, and then
on the first of April one year
their combined writing suddenly
increased suddenly

like an excited horse

overwhelming their readers with commentary
and comments about things
(the comments, not the things they commented about)

Read! Be entertained, readers!

You know that reading blogs is interesting
except when it is not. Then it is boring.
Try to ignore the ignorant comments
which deserve ignoring

and focus instead of the worthwhile dialogues

of blogs.
Oh type! Type your blogs,
prolific Joe and verbose Brian.


It has not yet been ascertained whether either will manage to top an average day at Kushibo's blog, "Monster Island".


Jen said...

LOL You've got it wrong. It is I, Good Jen, who is contemplating stalking Hwarangi to express my non-sexual love for her. Get your facts straight. :-)

kushibo said...

This month I've had to slow down. I'm only going to hit 100 posts for April, my second highest for any month ever, but nowhere near the 178 I managed in March (I still don't know how I managed that; I really wasn't trying or anything).

After finals are over in a few weeks, I might step up the pace a bit. So much to say, so few people around to listen to me.