Monday 17 August 2009

Minister Of Korean Education Communication to Atek: How About Korean Food?

In a surprising move, Korea's minister of Education has opened channels of communication with ATEK, the Association for Teachers of English in Korea. "We were going to lay low for a while and try to build up some more membership and stuff before trying to make connections with these kinds of people," Bill Dontgoogleme, acting president of ATEK, said, "So we were shocked when this letter popped up in my inbox."

The content of the first letter?

"Do you know kimchi?"

"The Minister of Education is very concerned that we have a good experience in Korea. He ended his last letter -- which was a sweet invitation to 'have traditional Korean food - not too spicy! with my family, and I show you Korea culture!' with 'I hope you have good impression Korea."

The education minister was pleased, too, when ATEK's publicity manager, John NoSkeletons Doe replied. Minister Hwa Jung-shil reported, "The letter was a kind suggestion we meet... I got thirty minutes of English practice out of reading and rereading it! I wonder if they like kalbisal or dwaejikalbi more."

While they are close to setting a date to meet, they seem to have different agendas for the conversation. "ATEK's Vice President, Jenny Nowitchhuntthanks made a bulleted list of things I'd like to talk about with the Minister, including curriculum development flexibility from the Board of Education, visa portability, and more resources dedicated to regulating and cleaning up the hogwan industry, as well as plans of action to ensure that labor law is more strictly enforced, vis a vis completion bonuses, overtime pay, and promised working hours."

Meanwhile, Minister Hwa Jung-shil's agenda was somewhat simpler. "I plan to ask 'How about spicy food,' 'What's your impression of Korea' and 'You like Korean girls?' I hope we can be special English friends."


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