Monday 14 December 2009

Shopkeeper's Mind Blown Upon Discovering There Are Four Christmas Songs

Shopkeeper Ha Jung-mi, manager of an Olive Young cosmetics franchise, had to close down her shop and take three days off for "mental recovery" after having her mind blown. The 41 year-old small business owner was putting together a playlist CD for her shop speaker system.

"I had a great playlist. It might have been the most complete and comprehensive playlist of Christmas music ever made. It went like this:

All I want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
Last Christmas - Rain
O Holy Night - DBSK and Boa
Last Christmas - Once Again and Ju Bora
All I want for Christmas is You - from Love Actually
Last Christmas - George Michael and Wham!
All I Want for Christmas is You - Jang Dong Won (see above)
Last Christmas - BoA
O Holy Night - Fly To The Sky
Last Christmas - Rumblefish
All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
Last Christmas - (instrumental)
Last Christmas + All I Want for Christmas is You Medley (by jared leto)
O Holy Night - Mariah Carey
All I want for Christmas Is You - K-pop Disco Version

But then, Jung-mi did a search online for another version of O Holy Night, to round out her playlist and balance all the "Last Christmas"es, and, as she says,

"My whole world started wavering... it turns out there are actually FOUR Christmas songs, not just three -- that's 33% more than I ever realized! Can you imagine if you suddenly discovered you were making 33% more profit than you'd realized? Can you imagine if you discovered you had 33% more hand-lotions and facial creams in your storage room? It'd be a huge party!"

Jung-mi had discovered another Christmas song. As word spreads, all of Korea is rocking with this shocking discovery.

"I had no idea there was this other Christmas song: it turns out that to fill out their last Christmas album, TVXQ/DBSK/Dongbangshingi actually wrote this other song, called "Silent Night" -- it's quite pretty, actually. I'm just so amazed, I mean, they could have just filled in the rest of their Christmas album by doing 'All I Want for Christmas is You' or 'Last Christmas,' or maybe some instrumentals and remixes of "O Holy Night," but instead they went and wrote this whole other Christmas song!"

And what does Jung-mi think of this new Christmas song?

"Well, it's pretty, but "All I Want for Christmas" and especially "Last Christmas" are just much older songs, so in my opinion they have more deep feeling than this 'silent night' ditty. However, as time goes by, it may join the ranks of those Christmas classics, and become more meaningful."

It may, it may. And the world will have Dongbangshingi to thank for bringing so much to Christmas music, and contributing to all our holiday spirits.

PS: every cover of Last Christmas. You can thank me later, Korea


DSW said...

Haha, great post.

Drugstore Cowgirl said...

Hey now! You are being dramatic. There are FIVE Christmas songs! All of my kids know the chorus of Jingle Bells.