Tuesday 23 March 2010

Caught Looking at Girly Pictures in the Korea Times Staffroom?

No problem! Just turn them into news stories.

From the international correspondent: all the worldwide news we need to read... now prioritized!
Searching "Katherine Heigl nip slip" becomes "Heigl Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction"

"Penelope Cruz breasts" (or possibly "Keira Knightley breasts," or possibly "Penelope Cruz Keira Knightley Girl on Girl") becomes "Real Breasts"

"Dirty teen sext images" becomes "Sexting Punishment"

"Sexy young angelina jolie teen" becomes... exactly that.


"US Passes Monumental Healthcare Bill" becomes... "Foreign Sex Criminals Banned from Entering Korea"

And that's all since Sunday.

coming up next week:

"Terrorist Attack Kills Hundreds in Southeast Asia" becomes "Top Five Starlets We're Hoping Will Have a Wardrobe Malfunction"

"Tenement Fire in Gyeongsan-do Kills Dozens Of Migrant Workers" becomes "Foreign English Teachers Make Our Middle Schools A Danger Zone"

"Korean Government Decries Low Quality of English Language Reporting on Korea" becomes "Have You Seen What I Have To Work With?"

"LMB Urges Korean Law and Society to Embrace A More Diverse Population" becomes "Interracial Dating A Growing Concern for Many Korean Parents"

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DSW said...

Yeah, the KT is fantastic. The best thing is that they don't even write these stories - they're all plagiarised.