Wednesday 10 March 2010

It's Korean Rhetoric Week at Dokdo Is Ours

Here's the game, inspired by this post:

In the comments, write:

a Korea-related topic
two totally un-related topics (at least one should not be related to Korea at all)
four random four-syllable words

And I'll write a Joongang Daily Editorial about the best/funniest one.


3gyupsal said...

Korea related topic - Korean pop stars trying to make it big in America.

Non Korea related topic -1- The difference between store bought cottage cheese, and the cottage cheese that comes from the salad bar at Ponderosa

Non Korea related topic -2- Meryl Streep is the best actress of our time.

Ambiguous, paparazzi, matriculate, decomposing

themagicbean said...

Jeonju is famous for Bibimbap

There is a herbivorous (or at least omnivorous spider)

Kentucky is set to remove the "dueling clause" from its oath for public servants.

matriculate disappointed irregardless voluminous

themagicbean said...

oops change matriculate to hemispheric (don't want to copy 3gyupsal)

Greedybones said...

Yi So-Yeon brought Kimchi to Space.

-Charlemagne was most likely illiterate.

-Sunnis outnumber Shia 9to1.

Discovering, maladaptive, defenestrate, vociferous

John said...

Hyundai recently signed a sponsorship deal with CSKA Moscow.

The next movie in the Twilight series, "Eclipse" is unfortunately coming out later this year.

Tigers are dying at a cash-strapped zoo in China.

Irrigation, terminator, geography, beautifully

Unknown said...

Korea-related topic: the prevalence of poop images in non-poop contexts (examples: toothbrush holders, stickers, foam pencil toppers, etc.)

Non-Korea topic 1: The new "Big Brother"-style system parents in California are using to keep track of their students' progress at school.

Non-Korea topic 2: A severely disproportionate number of captive-bred white tigers are deformed ad retarded due to severe inbreeding.

Defenestrate, monastery, idiot-proof, pornography

Unknown said...

OH NO someone else used "defenestrate." Change mine to "putrefaction."