Friday 3 September 2010

Korea Times: You're Shitting Me, Right?

Yeah, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but come on, KT.  At least fucking TRY!

Source.  Some of the best parts (before they go back and fix it) from the text:

It has been claimed that drug felon Paris Hilton, 29, used her body as a hiding place for her drug.

A longtime friend of Hilton said Tuesday on that Paris....has since avoided police arrest by hiding drugs in a lubricated condom in her vagina.

an interview from an anonymous source, published on a blog, saying bad things about Paris...

“Paris has used all kinds of drugs for years,” said the blog a day before. “She needs rehab more than anyone in Hollywood, including Lindsay Lohan. I went to high school with her and even there she was totally out of control.”

and, surprise, surprise, the e-mail address at the bottom of the page ( is the exact same as the one about Jennifer Anison's secret threesome genitalia from earlier this week.  When called for an interview, KT's copy editor had no further comment.

Also: breaking news:

It's great to be the Boss's nephew! (from the same guy)
Readers, that'll be the last time I pick on the KT for a while.  There are some Chosun Ilbo photographers ripe for a lampooning, and while I'm sure KT will continue to provide me with fish in the barrel, it gets boring.

Plus, my eyes hurt, and I think my I.Q. just dropped.


Anonymous said...

Mr Ours, I love the site and the KT deserves a public shaming.

I think another good target for you would be the Korea Herald's advertising links inside their articles. I'm not sure how funny it would be, but you're the funny man, not me - not intentionally, anyway.

kissmykimchi said...

Are you sure that wasn't from the Onion? In fact I think KT probably intends to be the Korean English version of the Onion!