Monday 20 September 2010

Korean Macarena the 꼭지점 Gok-Ji-Jeom Danseu is World Virus Video! Hallyu! Korea Korea Korea!

Hello!  You think I'm forget to you, don't it, reader?  But I'm can't forget!  It's too much my love Korea, and want your love also.  So today.  Oh!  So proud!

Let me explain.  Do you know Gok-Ji-Jeom Danseu?  I tell you.  It's a Korea dance crazy for example like tell me dance!  In fact, it's Korean Macarena!  Except nobody heard about.  Except Korea people world cup danseu people is know.  And we make the dance for promote Korea culture the world by create world craze through South Aprica World Cup so everybody know Korea.

Also Kroea invent Vuvuzela.

Here is Gok-Ji-Jeom Danseu.  (from source is here)

I'm want your watchi very carepully. Famous 2006 World Cup Dance! World Craze!

Because now it's little girl: she is love Korea piety.  Her have watchi Gok-Ji-Jeom Danseu many time, and then make her dance virus!

If look the video, you can see two thing:  One: the girl dance like virus am spread, just as Korea wave spread and everybody can't resist love the Korea culture like Gok-Ji-Jeom when they are see.

Two: The girl love for the Korea one blood people is purely like her purely smile and touching: certainly she am good daughter and filial duty also patriotic piously to Korea!  Her big smile show: I'm think she have kimchi in her teeth too.

Now watch it's danseu exact same the Gok-Ji-Jeom.  EXACT!  It have arm and leg move, like Gok-Ji-Jeom.  It have people move same time like Gok-Ji-Jeom.  It have big corporate sponsor (it's a world brand Samsung!11!!) like Gok-Ji-Jeom!  Watch her pure love to the Korea spread like virus to every town people!

Maybe you say "This dance are totally different."  or maybe you say "Only it's Korea media call Gok-Ji-Jeom" or maybe you say "Other country people don't know Gok-Ji-Jeom and don't know it's Korea Dance and don't care if Korea dance or just little girl cute dance." or maybe you say "Jesus Christ, Korea, just fucking get over yourselves already" and maybe you am have point... but here my answer, completely disprove your question:

Why are you hate the korea?  You go home monkey white hater people!  I'm hate your criticize!  So hate!  Your foreigner stay away Korea people korea lady no touchi you stupid big nose exploitation to the Korea culture!  I'm insult you on the bus if I'm see!  I'm hate hollywood! I'm hate Marilyn Monroe and her beautiful round breasts and hate your go home leave us alone! and die yankee scum fuckbag! but please spending tourism money and tell friend "Hey! Come to Korea! It's great!" first before eat shit and die.

Here am another Gok-Ji-Jeom Danseu for compare: its' exact!  Like Dokdo Map accurate and glory to Korea!

SEE? Exactly the same as little girl who love the Korea. If you're disagree my friends crash to your server, put your personal informations on Naver so everybody see and join hate you like Jim Hewish.

(source: Herald.  Sometimes you get it, too.)

More Gok-Ji-Jeom: so great! (see the more: all exactly same like dance virus and same as little girl dance! Really!)


Anonymous said...

Korea invented the vuvuzela? I can believe it.

Anonymous said...

"I'm insult you on the bus" - pure gem brother

Anonymous said...

Your site is great! Keep the articles coming!

mickyarba said...

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Prestigee Korea said...

Pure gold. When I was studying Korean, there was a page in my text book showing the Cock-ji-jeum, and all I could think was WTF?