Tuesday 2 September 2008

Support ME: buy my merchandise.

The Marmot'Sphincter is talking about me again: seems like every goofy expat is joining in the fun!

But the best news is that my summer clothing line is out and on the market.

You've seen it everywhere:  Popular Gusts has this lovely photo essay, and I expect FeetManSeoul's posting to come soon.  Brian, too, is throwing his hat in the ring: the Dokdo Wave has begun!

You can buy the t-shirt, or the shoes. . . but here, only here at DokdoisOurs, you can get the real deal.

That's right.  Dokdo itself is for sale here at DokdoisOurs, and the price is low:

Send 60% of your soft power, all possible future benefits of a more harmonious relationship with the largest economy in your part of the world, and your dignity to me, DokdoisOurs, and for that low, low price, I will sign over the deeds to Dokdo to you.  As a bonus, I'll throw in the appearance of ridiculousness, and the confused befuddlement and increased mistrust of the rest of the world for free!  That's right.  You'll have foreign investors leaving, you'll have photojournalists making you look silly in their media back home, and, you'll have two useless rocks to show for it.

In fact, though the actual rocks are a bit ungainly, I'll send you a replica: two small rocks I'll pick up in a courtyard near my house, that are just as useless as the originals!  Keep them on your best shelf, treat them like your son (make him some ID with Takashi crossed out and Dok written in on top).

Just send the fee to DokdoisOurs, and Dokdo really CAN be yours!

(The Bee Suit at the top of the post is also for sale.  Just let me know.)

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