Thursday 16 April 2009

What your Korea Blog Sidebar Links Say About You:

Korea Times/Korea Herald: I want my blog to seem authoritative, but I don't know how.
Chosun Ilbo online: I like photos of T'n'A
OhMyNews: I don't know what journalism is. And I'm a commie.
Korean Class 101: I like to pretend I study Korean online.

Party Pooper: I am forgiving of infrequent updates
Frog In A Well: Very forgiving.
Annti Leppanen: No, seriously, really, extremely, VERY forgiving.

Marmot's Hole: Nothing. Everybody has Marmot's Hole. It's the "X is for Xylophone" of the K-blogs.
Brian in Jeollanamdo: Almost nothing, but more current: everybody has Brian on their sidebar.

Dave's ESL Cafe: I don't read blogs.

Roboseyo: Forced smiles are amusing to me, or I enjoy blogs that are thinly-veiled applications to write for the Korean Tourism Organization

All K-Pop: moral outrage helps my K-pop kid-porn go down easier.
Popseoul: either I prefer my K-pop updates with cattiness, or I also have a huge crush on Big Bang, and think the Wondergirls are fat hoes.
Dramabeans: I don't mind that everybody gets cancer

Seoulpodcast: apparently, I hate Korea. Or I love it too much. And like talking about myself. Guest? What guest?
Zenkimchi Food Journal: I forgive Joe for being busy with so many other things that he can't update the food journal very often.

Dokdo Is Ours: I have impeccable taste in K-blogs, and am probably good in the sack, too.

Korean Law Blog: I'm such a fan of the Marmot's Hole it's a bit unwholesome.

Kushibo: I think there's no such thing as too many posts per day'
Japundit: Even more so

Occidentalism: I am addicted to Dokdo ranting

The Grand Narrative: Either I am smart, or I want to look smart. The K-blog sidebar equivalent of having a leatherbound edition of Shakespeare on your shelf.

ROK Drop: I like awesome blogs: second only to Dokdo Is Ours as an indicator of excellent blog taste.

Eat Your Kimchi
: My K-blog list is current. Or, I'm new in Korea.

Big White Barbie Does Busan: either 1. I like my slices of life as trivial as possible, or 2. I'm too lazy to carefully read blogs before I include them to add regional diversity.
Kiwi Andong Blogger: either see 2. above, or I like redheads.

Amanda Takes Off: I was looking for a token female blogger two years ago.
Chubbo Chubbington: I was looking for a token female blogger six months ago.
Our Girl in Daegu: Thought I'd kill two token-birds with one stone, and link a female from outside of Seoul. Sweet!
Nightmare Believer: I'm not brave enough to write a truly offensive blog myself, so I'll link one in solidarity

Quest For Cuteness: I have kids and/or like pictures of housepets.

Ask A Korean: The What White People Like of the Korea Blogosphere: everbody links it, everybody says they like it, everybody skims the latest posts once a month, and that's it.

On My Way to Korea: I'm waiting for him to get here and hate it.

Scribblings of the Metropolitician and King Baeksu: I put them next to each other on the sidebar to see if a fight will somehow break out on my blog. In fact, by forcing them to share a line, I expect some fireworks here on this blog.

Hub of Sparkle: I got nominated for a golden Klog award, and didn't want to be rude.

Seoul Eats: It doesn't bother me when a blog's content doesn't fit its name. LOL! Viral videos rock!!!11!

Nora Knows Nada: I don't know anything.

FeetmanSeoul: I'd link Asian Sirens, but this way I can look at legs without the guilt.

The Yangpa: I haven't updated my sidebar links in a looooong time.
Big Hominid's Hairy Chasms: in a REEEALLY long time.
Oranckay: I don't know how to delete a link from my sidebar.

Tucker in Korea: Tucker in Korea is a personal friend of mine.

None of the above: My K-blog is for my family.


Brian said...

KoreaBeat: It helps me feel smug around my coworkers because I'm getting the quote-unquote Korean news in English. Like when a girl reads GQ.

Expatriate Games: Easier to just link to her than to listen to her complain about why you're not linking to her.

Frog in the Well: Maybe some of these no-name Koreanists will add me on Facebook if I link to their blog. Too bad they're about as scholarly as a blowjob and as current as Anna Nicole Smith jokes.

ZenKimchi: He was famous a little bit in 2005. Plus he's funny. I mean, he makes me laugh each time he says "I'm way out in Anyang" or "I ate kimchi at a Korean restaurant, look at me."

Hub of Sparkle: I'm the only K-blogger who wasn't asked to contribute to it, so I'm just trying to be part of the family.

Kushibo: Because sometimes I forget what I have on my blog, so I like to go there and read it again.

Big Hominid: I forgot he was on my sidebar. One day I was thinking about Ugg boots and that reminded me of other things that haven't been relevant in years.

Scribblings of the Metropolitician: He's angry. How do I know that? BECAUSE HE WRITES LIKE THIS. See the anger?

Roboseyo: See, I don't hate Korea. Roboseyo is the Diet Pepsi of the Korean blogosphere. He'll give you enough anger to make himself seem sincere, and then swing immediately back the other way with a post about why we have to like Kim Yuna in order to be good foreigners. If he got any more off-topic he'd be a guest writer on The Marmot's Hole.

Chris in South Korea said...

Heeeeyyy, you forgot about me! Chris in South Korea?! As in your blogroll (with 22 followers, I'm on at least few blogrolls around here). I'll do the liberty of adding it here:

Chris in South Korea: Loves to travel, even to places no one's ever heard of.

Of course feel free to add a better one - after reading for yourself, of course =)

Matthew Smith said...

"...I'm waiting for him to get here and hate it..." lol! who haven't you offended today?

DIO - you're awesome. thanks for the laugh!!

John McCrarey said...

Well, I think my impeccable taste is undisputable, but I'm not sure folks assume I'm "probably good in the sack". Just to be on the safe side, DIO is now in my sidebar.

Roboseyo said...

Brian: But if we added you to The Hub of Sparkle, we'd lose our main primary source.

fatman said...

(cough, cough)
(LOUDER: cough, cough!)

Dokdo Is Ours said...

OK OK, Fatman.

Fatmanseoul is good in the sack, too. Or at least, last time, in 2004, Fatmanseoul was.

Brian: I'm linking him because if I don't, he'll be mad, and he has a long memory. (see Expatriate Games above)

Fatman said...

we didn't realize you had such an . . .er, deep relationship with Fatman the first.

Phoenixstorm said...

Aw can I play too?

Kiss My Kimchi: random photos and info about things you've probably done or need to do.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Now, now, everyone. The game is "what linking this blog says about you" not just a twelve word summary... and the snarky tone is a must.

Kiss my Kimchi: I like thumbnail-sized photos, and I lost my Lonely Planet: Seoul.

Chris in SK: There's really no such thing as too many blogs about things to do and see in Seoul

DSW said...

Hey! Where the hell is the Korean Rum Diary???

Dokdo Is Ours said...

what do you think this is, KRD? The golden Klog awards?

Anonymous said...

Asleep Total.Link.Whore?

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Yeah, I'm a link whore, but even link whores sometimes need to be asked. Sidebar updated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

no problem.

and here's a bonus feature:

We've Got Seoul: They linked me on their sidebar, and I didn't want to be rude.

ZenKimchi said...

So what does it mean if you link to "Horse Racing in Korea?"

Stafford said...

Nice. And my one?

The Chosun Bimbo: Still just irrelevant enough not to get mentioned.

The Korean said...

You know, I just saw this for the first time. And I laughed very hard at the AAK description. Thanks.