Friday 9 April 2010

Steve Carell Hates Korea and Must Die

Hello every the Korea people. I have a shocking! Please listen my write.

I have looking internets and the internets at a Kimchi for Cornbread internet I see some scandalous!

For example here: This is a america comedy people Steve Carol. Him have famous movie like funny talking news people in Bruce Almighty. And now him laughing to the Kimchi. Watch: you will shocking too. Him make joke the Korea kimchi is smell bad! Eberybody know the kimchi is not smell bad. Only vietnam fa soup is the smell bad. If him say it small bed meybe he accident make the Japan Kimuchi which is a decompositionary smell. Please watching.
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It's a shock! I'm don't know how to talking!

If you're don't like Steve Carol talking too, then it's time for internet attack! Get your internets and we throw at the Stebe Carol. Quick! Let's him website DDOS forever and go to his house throw kimchie over him house fense so he can enjoy smell and learn Kimchi is the important Korean food and world healthy food.

Let's together! Fighting!


DSW said...

Awesome video. I can't believe I've never seen it before.

Unknown said...

That doesn't read as Konglish to me. Some other kind of -glish, maybe.

The_Mon said...

It reads like my kids' essays; if that's not Konglish, I'm not sure what is.

Drugstore Cowgirl said...


Anonymous said...

i read this article twice and I cant stop laughing

peace yah!

Anonymous said...

Awesome article. Sounds like some people I know...They use dictionaries to patch together their sentences. Good match to the science fair story.