Monday 19 April 2010

University Student Arrested for Playing with his Meat Stylus on the Subway

University Sophomore Jung Bong-jo was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon for playing with his meat stylus on the subway. While other iPhone owners around Korea were using meat sticks as styluses for their iPhones earlier this winter (see video below, and article here)

Due to an embarrassing misunderstanding, new iPhone user Jung iHwang was arrested for playing with his meat stylus on the subway yesterday.

"iHeard other people were playing with meat styluses to operate their iPhones," iHwang explained, I just kind of assumed that they meant... you know, their meat styluses. iVe been calling Mr. Winky my meat stylus for years now."

But iHwang had never taken out his meat stylus before in public... it seems that he thought only iPhone users were allowed to do so. At tweet from a friend on Twitter made him think iTwould be OK:

"mY MeAt peniS thebe stw ayt o opeRA tE my iPHoNe. st ilLSom EQUirkS." - he was accidentally pushing buttons incorrectly. Unfortunately, iHwang misread the message.

"iThought maybe iPhone users had legal iMmunity to arrest for public iNdecency," he explained. This is why, when the subway security, and later the police approached him, he showed them his iPhone and said, "No, it's OK. I have an iPhone."

"Unfortunately," Wang Long-won, the police officer who made the arrest explained, "the iPhone has no influence: public iNdecency is still iLlegal."

The Seoul Metro Subway company has iNtentions to press charge; iHwang is currently iNterred at a low-security holding prison, waiting for a bail hearing.

Steve Jobs was unavailable for comment. He was playing with his meat stylus.


Anonymous said...

why did you bother writing that?

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Go write your own blog if you don't like mine.

Anonymous said...

It's a fair question.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

It sure is. Have a nice day!

Iwazaru said...

Hilarious stuff!!ㅋㅋㅋYou had me laughing out loud!! Just watch out for the netizen patrol....Man the your header is going to stay with me all day. Brilliant! Keep up the amusing work.