Monday 5 April 2010

Special Classes Needed on Dokdo

Yonhap News

Members of a major Korean teachers' association said Monday they will hold special classes on Korea's sovereignty over Dokdo this week, in response to a repeated Japanese claim to the disputed territory.

"Really, we're pretty sure this is the most important thing we can possibly teach our students, so we're proud of the opportunity to teach students about Dokdo belongs to Korea," explained a representative from the association. Middle school teacher Choi Joo-hee was moderately pleased. "Basically I put on the Dokdo video and take a nap. I think everybody does, except that kid in the back row who gets his hate on for Japan and starts frothing at the mouth."

Other lesson plans from association members included composing songs with the class about how much they hated Japan, drawing hate Japan pictures in art class...

Choosing a classmate who doesn't fit in, and beating him with bamboo switches like a dirty Jap for physical education class.

And chanting "Fucking Japan" for English class.

"We had to skip some of our other course material to make room for this very important Dokdo lesson, so we've decided to skip the chapter that explains that other countries fought for the South in the Korean War, and USA's role in the Miracle of the Han River, and Korean War atrocities committed by Koreans to other Koreans. It's unfortunate, I guess, but we'll make sure that the students graduate knowing with absolute conviction that "USA is the real enemy".

Students had mixed reaction to the news.
"That old video? I've seen that thing like, a hundred times," said Minji, in fourth grade.

"I'm a fan of Japanese animations, and our school had an exchange student from Japan, who lived in my house, and who was really cool; I learned a lot from her and we were good friends... until the last Dokdo thing came up and the school board stuck her on a plane back to Japan one month into her six-month exchange, and spent a week thinking of bad things to say about her. That sucked. She wrote me a letter and said that she was really hurt by that." Sooyoung, seventh grade, gave her thoughts. "Everybody gets upset about Japan and stuff, but don't we come to school to learn about how to be good people? I mean, we're not just coming to school to learn who we should hate, are we?"

At this point, the interview was interrupted by Sooyoung's teacher. "If you're going to be a dirty jap-loving whore, why don't you just fucking go to Japan, little bitch?" he shouted, cursing her, and hitting her with a textbook. He screamed, face turning purple, "I'm trying to teach you how to grow up to be a good young lady, and instead you betray our beautiful country! Why don't you just quit school now and sell your self like the fucking traitor whore you are!"

The teacher identified himself as Sooyoung's ethics teacher.

"Sometimes Sooyoung seems to be losing her way, but don't worry. By the time she graduates high school, my colleagues and I will have her hating Japan and America like a proper Korean."

(photos from this page actual pictures drawn by Korean elementary students, displayed in a subway station)


Drugstore Cowgirl said...

Excellent post, as usual.

Wow, I thought those pictures were a joke. That's really pathetic that they're real.

BuckyHermit said...

Sounds about right, from an incident in one of my classes today.

Brian said...

Yeah, because if there's one thing students don't know about, it's Dokdo.

DSW said...

Korea is retarded. Fact. Koreans are also retarded, with a handful of exceptions. Those pictures are proof of a fundamentally shitty society.

3gyupsal said...

I wouldn't say that Korea is a shitty society. Pathetic but not shitty.

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Anonymous said...

I had a 3rd grader tell me he wanted to be a soldier so he could "kill Japanese people"

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Joli: happened to me once, too.

Andrew Yoon said...

Here's a different point of view on the whole Dokdo stuff...

Below are some links to articles where Japan and China are fighting over a couple of similar godforsaken rocks in the Pacific Ocean that nobody lives on. Apparently, these uninhabited rocks (like Dokdo) are potentially worth billions.

So what's my point? Even if you could somehow forget about the paranoid nationalism spewing from both sides, there's no way that Korea or Japan is going to walk away from potentially billions of dollars worth of ocean resources.

Result? This Dokdo bullshit is never going to end.

Solution? Ignore it.